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Charnor Limited has the expertise to design, install and commission some of the most technologically advanced and economical air handlling systems in the UK.


We are an approved supplier for the UK's key provider of evaporative cooling equipment, EcoCooling Ltd.


Studies have shown that where energy consumption has been a leading factor in low or negative profit margins, the installation of energy efficient area cooling systems has allowed  businesses to reverse this process and start realising a profit.


It's a sign of the times... 


We have recently seen a step up in the introduction of environmental-based legislation, and understand the pressure keeping your business compliant may cause. 


You may be working towards gaining ISO50001, want to become ESOS compliant, achieve the Carbon Trust Standard, or simply want to reduce your overheads.


Area Cooling costs can form a large part of your overall energy consumption.  A Charnor consultant can assess your current situation and fomulate a strategy that will reduce your costs and facilitate your goals to increase your company's green credentials.

This system has lower installation costs than traditional units

10 Things You Need To Know...


 About Evaporative Cooling

  1. Uses 90% less energy than traditional units
  2. Can be retro-fitted to existing building layouts
  3. Has simple engineering
  4. Delivers 100% cooled fresh air
  5. Allows your windows and doors to be left open
  6. Efficiency improves at higher temperatures
  7. Will increase your company's green credentials
  8. A low energy, low carbon alternative to air conditioning 
  9. Will lower your carbon footprint
  10. 35kW of cooling for 1.5kW of electricity

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