Data Centre Cooling


Using evaporative cooling in a data centre can reduce the running costs of cooling by up to 80%

Recent global studies have shown that energy consumed by the world's data centres is increasing at an alarming rate.  This has seen data centre energy usage become a key environmental issue, leading to the creation of working groups to create a set of emissions standards.


The time that we must all adhere to a set of statutory emission and energy usage levels is ever drawing near, and with good reason.  Energy costs are not reducng, and there is increasing pressure on businesses to show how they are reacting to environmental issues.  What better time, then, to reassess your approach to data cooling?


At Charnor, we appreciate that our customers may not have the budgets for a completely new installation.  As a result, we can offer a range of energy saving solutions to suit all scenarios. Using the latest, proven, data cooling technology, Charnor can install a new data centre cooling system in most existing structures.

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